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Wish you had a way with words? Communication in all its glorious forms is essential to ALL of us. Without it, life as we know it would be impossible. Let alone running a business. So, let’s talk about what copywriting and content writing is and why you’ve got yourself in a state over it. 

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Copy writer, copywriter – whatever, they’re the same word

Copywriting is the way of communicating with others in the most creative, clever and clear way. Think: email marketing, slogans, tag lines, product descriptions and print / digital marketing.

If your business were a person and they could be anyone you wanted. Who would your business be? How does their tone of voice (TOV) sound; What are their values; How do they look; what kind of relationships are they after? So many questions – yet it’s no different to the questions we ask and judgements we make about other people every day!

We can help you define the personality of your businesses, then we’ll get you out on the town! With copywriting that’s been crafted in your language, you’ll be making friends in no time.

Isn’t content writing the same as copywriting?

Well… not exactly. Content writing is the more serious sibling who treats keywords (search terms) as the boss. This is because the supreme being of online search otherwise known as Google, needs to crawl all over everyone’s content to find the most relevant matches for peoples’ search terms.

Content writing is used for web pages, blog posts, organic (free) and paid social media, news articles and other online marketing. The reason that this focussed style of writing is so beneficial (if it’s done well), is because it NEVER dies.

Known as evergreen content, it will keep on working for you. Google loves easy to read, valuable content that gives people what they want.

We write content for people and Google

We will get your website into Googles’ good book (the number one page), so that you can concentrate on what your business does best.

Your people come first, so your language needs to be real and relevant. However, Google and the rest of the search engine crew also need to be appeased. And we do this with keywords.

Combining Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content writing with copywriting is ultimately the perfect partnership. We are pros at keeping people and Google happy.

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We can write anything you want, including:

      • Direct response copywriting – social ads and call to actions
      • Marketing copywriting – email campaigns and eBooks
      • Brand / creative copywriting – campaign concepts and straplines
      • SEO content writing – blogging and website