Meet our team of creative thinkers & doers

Our digital marketing agency is based on the Sunshine Coast.

Success Marketing is made up of a devoted team of marketing specialists who blend technology, business experience and creative talent to solve a wide range of issues and achieve spectacular results for our clients.

Our Sunshine Coast digital media agency helps Sunshine Coast, Noosa and national businesses grow.

Annette Locchi – General Manager
Emily Lynch – Marketing Manager
Lily Scott – Marketing Coordinator
Len Costantini – Industry Marketing Manager
Alicia Berry – Marketing Assistant

Questions? Here are some of our most asked questions….

Where is your office located? + -

We have two locations! Our Noosa team works out of our office right in the heart of Noosa Junction, you can find us at Level 2, 10 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads.  Meanwhile, our Brisbane team is based in Narangba and enjoys the perks of remote work (hello, work-life balance!).


We proudly do all our clients work locally - no off-shoring here!

I am just starting out or have a small business, is Success Marketing able to help me? + -

Yes, absolutely! We work with businesses of all sizes - small, medium, and large. Whether you're just starting out, have a small business or run a large organisation, we offer full account management specifically tailored to your budget and requirements. Additionally, we provide one-on-one training and workshops to help small brands get the support they need to succeed.

Do I need to commit to an ongoing retainer with a fixed term? + -
The short answer is no, you don't need to lock in a fixed term. We've found that the strongest long-term relationships are built on trust, not long-term contracts. That's why we're happy to work with our clients on a rolling basis, with no minimum term required. However, many of our clients choose to engage us on a monthly retainer. This guarantees our availability each month, ensuring that large projects that regulary drop in won't monopolise our team's time.

We’re guided by a few core beliefs

Clear communication

We know the frustration that bad communication can cause. Therefore, we‘ll tell you what’s been done, what we’re doing, what you need to do, and when we all need to do things by.

Team players

We’ll proactively work closely with you, your team and any stakeholders, so that everyone’s on the same page. We know that effective team players win.

Specialist experience

We’re boutique marketing specialists, and every member of the team focuses on the services that they have expertise in. Providing you with quality marketing solutions.

Care about results

As business owners ourselves, we care about your return on investment (ROI). We’ll do everything possible to get the best outcomes for your business.

Business focused

Our services are highly focused on digital marketing solutions that will deliver your marketing needs. We’ll treat your business like we treat our own.

Quick turn around

We know how important fast timing can be to keep things moving. Therefore, we plan our time and meet our deadlines, so that you can too.

Highly responsive

We’re used to business requirements changing, so we’re highly responsive to your needs. We‘ll revise your strategies or campaigns to align with any changes.


We know the importance of transparency in relationships. This is why our relationships are built on trust. We’ve got each other’s backs and we’ve got yours.

Support local business

Locals supporting locals. We are committed to helping our local businesses which in term supports local families, friends and neighbours. 

Annette Locchi

General Manager

With 15+ years of professional experience in website design and digital marketing. With a unique blend of creative vision and business sense, Annette is a results-driven marketing professional.

Annette thrives on leaving customers feeling informed, educated and empowered to grow their businesses. She is  driven to inspire and brainstorm fresh ideas, manage deliverables, captivate the target market, and help companies stay fresh and competitive.

Powered by a metrics-driven mindset, Annette is experienced in Digital Marketing & Marketing Communication, Website Development, Analytics, Mapping Channel Funnels, Optimisation, Social Media campaigns and driving marketing activities from strategy planning to project closures.

Annette has a natural eye for design and a drive to inspire dynamic ideas that connect with all types of audiences. She is passionate about defining and articulating that brand story and implementing integrated marketing plans that companies can adopt to maximise their reach.

Emily Lynch

Marketing Manager

Em is an energetic digital marketer with specialist skills in Graphic Design, Social Media Advertising and Google Advertising. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Queensland University of Technology, Em brings a Millennials’ perspective and expertise to an array of digital marketing platforms and activities across multiple industries.

She understands what is needed to capture a customer’s attention and how best to drive leads in the digital age. Em has honed her skills over the last eight years working with a variety of industries and brands, from food and beverage and construction clients to retail and accommodation businesses.

She is passionate about producing beautifully designed advertising and uses data to optimise and improve her client’s campaigns.

Em also loves training small business owners in different areas of marketing to equip them with the skills they need to stand out from the crowd and grow their business.

Lily Scott

Marketing Coordinator

Lily is a passionate digital marketer with skills in copywriting and content, organic social media, SEO and email marketing. Her personable approach and positive attitude are what makes her an integral part of our digital marketing team.

After completing a Bachelor of Marketing, minoring in Event Management, Tourism, and Fashion at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Lily expanded her experience working in-house as a digital marketing coordinator. Lily offers a youthful perspective and relishes in the ever-changing pace of the digital marketing world.

With a background in the retail and event management industries, Lily’s past marketing experience has given her a wealth of knowledge to define unique content strategies, which drives real results and achieves marketing goals. Our clients benefit from her ability to help businesses grow through strategic planning and effective content execution.

Len Costantini

Industry Marketing Manager

Len is an accomplished marketing manager with over 30 years’ industry experience – a brand manager and leader within a diversified digital marketing team. He has held management positions in the private, government and semi-government sectors across policy, commercial, marketing, events and tourism portfolios.

Len manages our clients in construction industries with specific skills in business strategy and communications – as a storyteller, Len enjoys taking creative pathways to solving old problems. And he gets real joy from working with other small to medium business owners to cut through the usual marketing waffle and get real results.

Len believes ‘digital smarts’ is important, but that it’s not enough unless there’s substance behind brand stories, along with purpose and a clear understanding of what drives a brand and sets it apart.

Alicia Berry

Marketing Assistant

Alicia is a highly motivated digital marketer with specialist skills in social media marketing and content creation. Her friendly demeanor and upbeat attitude make her a key addition to our marketing team. 

Alicia understands what is needed to create perfectly curated feeds and beautiful content that resonates with our clients target audiences. She blends strategy and consumer data to build high performing social media channels that are on-trend and engaging. 

Our clients benefit from her Gen-Z perspective to tackling marketing problems through fresh solutions and an acute awareness of current digital trends.