MarketingWhy is your Brisbane Business Underperforming Online?

Why is your Brisbane Business Underperforming Online?

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly challenged to capture the attention of consumers. The competitive nature of the market means that having a good product or service simply isn’t enough. Consumers are spoilt for choice, particularly online where they are continuously presented with a multitude of similar or alternative product options. Are you struggling to find out why your Brisbane business is underperforming? Keep reading. 

So how do you make your business stand out in a crowded space and get noticed online?

Another equally important question: Are you “traffic ready”?

To start you’ll need to know how your Brisbane business is currently performing online. This insight will not only highlight problem areas but will also guide forward planning and help you identify growth opportunities for your business. Most business owners think they are “traffic ready” but we have yet to encounter a single one that is. When we work with our clients, prior to launching any Facebook Ad or email marketing campaign, we always conduct an audit on their website, Facebook page and email marketing system to see if they are in-fact “traffic ready” and present them with actionable solutions to improve results.

Our team has racked up an impressive 30 years combined experience in technical digital marketing, analytics and reporting. We’re well-versed in data analytics and know exactly how insightful reporting combined with actionable solutions leads to improved results. Interested in conducting a comprehensive web audit on your business? Get in touch!

But first, let’s discuss various ways your Brisbane business can benefit from a well-executed audit and actionable reporting.

Bottom Line: Audits Help Brisbane Businesses Become More Profitable

Conducting a comprehensive digital audit is critical in determining how your business’s existing online presence affects profitability on- and offline. This typically entails a comprehensive website audit and a full analysis of everything related to your website search visibility including social media accounts and email marketing campaigns.

A thorough web audit will provide you with a deeper understanding of why your website is not generating the desired traffic, why and when prospective consumers opt out of the buying cycle, as well as identifying how to reduce churn. Audits do a lot more than simply reveal problem areas and marketing faux pas. They guide forward planning, allowing businesses to identify new revenue opportunities that promote profitability and drive sales. Not forgetting, auditing helps ensure that your website is ready for all the traffic directed its way.

Additional Benefits of a Website Audit

Any business with an online presence will benefit from auditing their website as it presents an exceptional opportunity for growth online. A strategic and comprehensive digital audit will result in your business benefiting from the following:

  • Improved visibility in search results

Audits are an essential measure to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website. They provide valuable information that can be used to improve search ranking while increasing site traffic. Search engines such a Google, analyse your website’s metadata (the content found within the HTML code of your website), to determine an appropriate ranking in relevant search results. By conducting an SEO audit on your site, you are able to identify errors in your metadata that could be keeping search engines from indexing your content and impact how prominent your business ranks in search results.

  • Identify and repair onsite/offsite issues diverting traffic

Not getting the traffic you think your site deserves? There are a range of factors that could be responsible for unwittingly driving traffic away from your site. Auditing allows you to identify issues such as broken backlinks, unresponsive pages, clumsy URL’s and duplicate content and repair them before they spiral out of control and frustrate visitors.

  • Enhance user experience

Search engines are geared towards delivering content that other users endorse through engagement. They are user-centric by design which means that the functionality and user experience of your website is of paramount importance. Confusing navigation, poor load times and unresponsive pages that are poorly optimised for smartphone and tablet devices negatively impact the experience of the user and can drive away potential customers faster than an outdated webpage can load. A site audit is helpful in identifying areas to improve the overall user experience of your website so that visitors actually want to stay.

  • Increase online engagement by optimising content

Auditing your online content is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to capitalise on strong pieces of content by optimising their titles, headers, tag and images. Moreover, by analysing your web pages you are able to repurpose underperforming content for increased online engagement through social media networks as well.

  • Provide in-depth competitor analysis and identify successful strategies

Keyword research is essential to developing a better understanding of your competitors. It allows you to examine how successful competitors are attracting their visitors. By analysing keywords on your website and ranking them against your competitors, you can uncover successful strategies, adopt similar keywords and appropriate result-proven tactics that improve your keyword distribution and enhance search visibility.

  • Pinpoint potential revenue sources and capitalise on traffic trends

An audit can uncover lucrative opportunities for raising your brand’s profile online. For example, websites that have proven to be rich in leads and bloggers who have linked to your content frequently could be potential affiliates or influencers to consider partnering with. Another key insight you’ll gain through an audit is trends in traffic. Tracking traffic trends on your website affords you the opportunity to improve your understanding of your customer behaviour. This insight gives you an edge up so that you can strategically release content through the right channels at a time your new and existing customers are most active and primed for engagement.

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