Lily Scott

Lily Scott

Styling & Interior Design

As accommodation specialists, we are proud to partner with Lily from Aspire to offer a complete styling and interior design service including furniture and décor procurement, installation, styling and lifestyle imagery.

Lily’s sophisticated and well thought out styling skills will get your property noticed, featured, booked, and enjoyed.  Her personable approach and positive attitude provides holiday property owners the confidence that their property will stand out in a competitive market.

After completing a Bachelor of Marketing, minoring in Event Management, Tourism, and Fashion at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Lily expanded her experience by working in-house as a digital marketing coordinator with Success Marketing before joining Aspire Property Management to expand her design career. Lily offers a youthful perspective and relishes in the ever-changing pace of the holiday accommodation industry.

With a background in the retail and event management industries, Lily’s past experience has given her a wealth of knowledge to define unique content strategies, which drives real results and achieves goals.

Our clients benefit from her ability to help businesses grow through strategic planning and effective management.

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