Pinterest Advertising

Do you want to reach your target audience without the dominance of big-name brands and hefty budgets?
With 97% of searches being non-branded, and 80% of Pinterest users discovering new brands while scrolling through the platform, you can stand out from the competition.

What is Pinterest and why do we promote on it? +

Surprisingly, Pinterest has evolved beyond its initial purpose as a platform for pins and boards. While it started as a digital corkboard for sharing attractive images, it has transformed into much more.

For businesses, Pinterest offers remarkable marketing opportunities. With Pinterest Ads, businesses can precisely target users based on their interests, while Pinterest analytics enables tracking the performance of marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Pinterest can drive traffic to websites or blogs, making it a valuable tool for businesses. Its visual-oriented nature makes it an ideal platform for promoting products and services.

Whether you're a business owner or simply a pinner, Pinterest provides numerous avenues for reaping its benefits.

What are some Pinterest statistics? +

High User Engagement: Pinterest has a highly engaged user base, with users spending an average of 14.2 minutes per session on the platform, which is longer than most other social media platforms.

Visual Appeal: Pinterest is a visual-centric platform, and 85% of Pinterest users say they use it to plan their future purchases. This makes it a great platform for businesses to showcase visually appealing products or services.

Discovery and Inspiration: 98% of Pinterest users report trying new things they find on Pinterest, making it a platform where users actively seek inspiration and discover new products or ideas.

Purchase Intent: Pinterest users have a strong purchase intent, with 83% of weekly Pinners having made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.

Mobile Usage: 85% of all Pinterest searches are made on mobile devices, highlighting the importance of mobile optimization for Pinterest advertising campaigns.

Google Ads Vs. Pinterest Ads +

Pinterest is a highly visual platform that focuses on inspiring and discovering ideas through images. It allows businesses to showcase their products or services in a visually engaging way, making it ideal for businesses with visually appealing offerings. So if you have visually appealing images like beautiful holiday homes and pretty packaged skincare - Pinterest is great! Google however is great for marketing to a more localised market. Think, local tradies!

How do we measure the success of your Pinterest ad? +

To gauge the success of your Pinterest advertising campaigns, there are important metrics to consider. The click-through rate (CTR) indicates how often users click on your ads, reflecting their relevance and appeal. The conversion rate measures the percentage of ad clicks that result in desired actions, such as purchases or sign-ups. A high conversion rate signifies effective ad performance. Additionally, the cost per click (CPC) reflects the expense per click, with a lower CPC indicating cost efficiency and potential for a favourable return on investment (ROI). Monitoring these metrics allows you to assess campaign performance and make necessary optimisations for better results.

Why Choose Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest marketing offers a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to increase brand visibility, foster customer engagement and loyalty, and drive online inquiries, leads, and sales. Why do we love it?

Pinterest ads specialists

Our Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing team specialises in creating captivating Pinterest Advertising campaigns that are tailored to capture attention and generate results.

When it comes to designing Pinterest Ads for your upcoming campaigns, rely on our skilled team of ad designers!

What is our Pinterest Advertising proccess?

Our team works closely with you to create customised campaigns that align with your advertising budget and objectives. Here is an outline of our tailored process: 

Discovery: Define Budget & Goals

During this phase, our primary focus is to gain comprehensive knowledge about your business. This will enable us to identify and understand your business goals and objectives. By defining what success means to you and your business, we can establish clear benchmarks and outcomes to strive for.

Set Up Proccess

Our Pinterest set up process includes connecting a google analytics and tag manager to ensure we can track conversions and optimise your campaigns based on the data collected. We also set up a a Pinterest Business Account prior to starting on our campaigns. If this is already set up, we will jump in and check everything is correct.

Build a Strategy

Working collaboratively, we will establish an effective strategy aligned with the latest industry best practices, ensuring that you gain a competitive advantage without straining your monthly marketing budget. Together, we'll create a comprehensive plan to maximise your online presence and drive optimal results.

Build a Campaign

We will handle the technical implementation and creation of the campaign across the platform. In order to create successful Pinterest ad creatives, we need high quality, attention-grabbing visuals, clear and concise headlines and benefit-driven copy that sells. From here we can design and build your ads in the most beautiful way.

Launch & Monitor

Once our ads are created and settings are configured, we launch your campaign. Monitoring its performance using Pinterest Ads Manager, we can track key metrics like impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and conversions.

Optimising & Recommending

We continuously analyse your campaign performance and make necessary adjustments following it's 'learning period.' Here we can test different ad variations, targeting options, and bidding strategies to optimise your ads for better results.

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