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Social Media Marketing Tips from a Digital Agency

Small businesses everywhere are asking themselves how they can make social media engagement work for them.

Often, the last thing a busy manager wants to deal with after a big day is creating a happy social media post! However, it is very important to keep your social platforms up to date to continually engage with your followers. Discover how to position your social media marketing to grow your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast business.

Schedule your posts in advance!

A content plan including a forward schedule of social media posts is the best way to keep on top of your social media engagement.

A monthly, or quarterly content schedule is ideal. This lets you plan and consider what messages are ideally scheduled for what period.

For example, you may have business milestones coming up, relevant local events or industry happening, or new product announcements.  

Of course, social media posts that are spontaneous and opportunistic can also happening in and around your planned schedule. Ideally, a minimum of two social media posts per week is ideal across your platforms…but Instagram algorithm does love an avid poster!

Engaging posts are everything!

In this media saturated world, creating engaging posts that inspire interest and engagement is essential for social media cut through.

When drafting content for posts, it is important to get attention in an eye-catching way. Here are some of the go-to-methods we employ in our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane social media agency.

  1. Don’t just tell, but rather show! Use great imagery and video and make sure that what you post reflects the values and quality of your brand.
  2. Promise a benefit or result for engagement such as an offer, or value-add if announcing a sales-oriented message.
  3. Ask a question, use a headline, or make a statement that inspires curiosity or reflects something your audience is potentially interested in understanding better.
  4. Spark curiosity, for example sharing new or surprising information.
  5. Spread the love – share positive customer testimonies and reviews.
  6. Host contests with giveaways to get more followers.
  7. Use the right Hashtags to spread the reach of your posts.
  8. Schedule posts so that they appear in your audience feeds at times and days more when they are more likely to be noticed.
  9. Use easy to understand statistics and graphics when relevant.
  10. Include a call to action to encourage click-troughs to your websites and encourage action and conversion

Invest in social media marketing for your Brisbane & Sunshine Coast business

Need help deciding which social platforms are best for your target audience and in planning your social media schedule? There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach with social media! That’s why our social media marketing Brisbane and Sunshine Coast agency can craft a social media marketing strategy to suit you.

Not all social platforms are right for your business. We help you decide where to start, what platform to invest in and what to say to get your customers to take an action or purchase

We’ll help you define your ideal customer and in developing and implementing your effective social media plan.

social media marketing - success marketing

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